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As parents we typically start teaching our children manners at a young age. With us, it started as soon as she could wave. Wave hello to the neighbors, the cashier at the grocery store, or the police officer driving by. As soon as my daughter could ask for things, I helped remind her the best way to ask is with a simple please and a thank you. When she could sit in a chair on her own, we taught her to sit in her seat, quietly. When she got a little older, we showed her the importance of standing in line and waiting her turn. When someone gives my daughter something, we encourage her to give thank you cards. These are not just things that we should teach our children, but manners are essential in being a civilized human being.

Yarn Art Thank You Cards From Kids

Manners are about being a good person, to others and yourself, being kind, and thinking of others before yourself. These are all qualities that, above many others, I want my daughter to have. People who have good manners are usually successful people, not to mention how good it can make you feel overall.

The best way, that I have found, to teach my daughter manners is through example. I still give her quiet reminders when she has trouble remembering herself. Teaching her by example has always been more effective, though. I try to make a bigger deal than normal out of saying thank you. It is ‘normal’ to send thank you cards for birthday or wedding presents, but what about the simple things? We made these Yarn Art Thank You Cards to give to people in my daughter’s life who have done something nice for her.

Materials Needed For Yarn Art Thank You Cards:

String Art Thank You Card Supplies

Card Stock
Yarn Needle
Glue Stick

How To:

We started off by folding a piece of card stock in half long ways and cutting the piece into two.
Next we cut a shape out of the top flap of the card. One we chose a heart, the other a star.
The next step was to trace the shape on the inside of the card, on the back flap.
This traced line is where the needle & yarn will go through.

Thank You Card 2

We took the needle and went back and forth, with the majority of the yarn showing on the ‘inside’ of the card.
This can be done how ever the child would like, make it individual!
When my daughter was done adding the yarn, I tied the yarn off.
We glued the edges together and wrote Thank You or Thanks on the front.

The cards are beautiful and will be perfect to have on hand when we need a Thank You. The cards can be displayed by the recipient as a beautiful memento from a sweet little girl!


What activities do you do with your children to help teach good manners?