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I’m guilty, guilty of nap time snuggles.
One thing we’ve been guilty of is holding or snuggling with our babies, at nap or bed. I use to worry, I was spoiling them or creating a horrible habit, and maybe I am, but I love every moment of every nap time snuggle I get. I’m still a mom that takes naps but 

I have three littles; the oldest only naps on occasion, so she is given quiet activities to do during nap, the younger two & I, take to one of the beds, snuggle up & we rest. 

Yes, I could and have successfully napped them without holding the whole time, but you know what-naps are amazing! My baby still wakes a few times at night to nurse, I’m the normal mom and stay up till late, and a nap makes life much better for us all. I could do a thousand things, I’ve said to myself, if I’d just lay them down, but you know what I’d really do…get on Facebook, Instagram, & waste those few hours at nap-so instead I nap too. 

I curl up with the middle man at my back, the baby tucked in my arm.
Pandora music on & we nap.