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It’s seems every year I forget about teacher gift ideas for Valentine’s Day and at the last minute, I pick up a box of chocolates. Boooorrrriiinnngggg! {and as a former teacher, I was still trying to get rid of the holiday weight and then I got tons of candy from students. I HAD to eat each and every piece–I mean, they were gifts bought with LOVE from the sweetest three year olds ever.}

I had noticed these My Color is… packs from Crayola awhile back. And I have to admit, at the time, I looked and them and thought: “Well that won’t be around long.” Because really? Who is in love with just ONE color? I need them all. I need the rainbow.

Or so I thought. Because here it was, just three days before my kids Valentine’s Day party yet again, and I scouting out the aisles at Target looking for something cool that didn’t cost a fortune. Between all of my kids, they have six teachers. As you know, that can start to add up.

I passed these Crayola My Color is… packs again and the pink popped out at me. “What can I do with these?!” I thought. And then, an idea came to me.

I picked up my phone and texted my dear friend, Joan over at BitsyCreations right then and there. It was a “you gotta minute to spare (haha)?” text. And to my sheer and utter luck, she did! She even had enough time to make me TWO different tags to choose from! How awesome is she?!tickled pink teacher gift 2


So here we have it everyone! The teacher gift “I’m tickled PINK you’re my teacher” tags.

I'm tickled PINK your my teacher free tag printable and Crayola My Color Is...

I can’t decide which one is my favorite. Which one is yours?

Chevron Tags: TickledPink2a

Watercolor Tags: TickledPink1a