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Do you have a toddler or preschooler who is obsessed with unicorns? I know a lot of kids who are, so you wouldn’t be alone! They’re pretty magical and fun, just like this Unicorn Color Recognition Printable Board Game.

Color is an important subject for kids to explore and learn.

It is important for kids to understand the classification of different colors because it leads to other classifications. Sorting and being able to classify is a crucial life skill and kids as young as toddlers are able to perform this skill.
A little fun fact: When people know colors their brain automatically registers that color even without us cognitively thinking. This means that kids, as young as toddlers have paved the way for their brain to start identifying colors.

Colors can be learned through repetitive activities such as this printable board game.

Color Recognition Board Game

This board game is perfect for little learners. It has a chunky dice, bright & bold colors, and just enough spaces from start to finish.

Set Up:

Print the Unicorn Game Pieces as well as Unicorn Game Board (Print Below). I would suggest printing on a heavy card stock or laminating to preserve the life of the game.

Cut out the game pieces and if you decide to, laminate the pieces.

Fold dice up and secure.

How To Play:

Each person gets their game piece marker. This is the piece that will be moved around the board.
One person at a time, roll the dice and move your game piece to the matching color.

Each person repeats this until someone reaches finish.

Whoever reaches finish first, wins.


Super easy right? It’s a simple game but helps toddlers and preschoolers with repetition of colors, it’s a fantastic tool. Plus it can be an afternoon full of fun. There are not a ton of games out there that toddlers can play and enjoy, so this is perfect!



Print the game here:

Unicorn Game Pieces

Unicorn Game Board