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I have THE cutest thing to show y’all. Remember how I said my daughter started taking riding lessons a few weeks ago? {I did..perhaps you didn’t see the cute post on my Facebook page or Instagram? Hop on over and follow so you don’t miss important things such as this!!} Well, I bought her something for her birthday to commemorate this special occasion.

I “met” Kara through a facebook group we both belong to. She posted one of her cute dolls and I HAD to have her make a horse doll for Quinn. I ordered it on May 1st and was just itching to receive it. So you can imagine my excitement when I saw this on my front porch:

Sweet Gracie Lou Dolls on Etsy

Isn’t the logo just adorable?! I was going to try to hold off on giving Quinn this until her birthday but c’mon. Like I could do that. So I promptly put her on the couch and had her open it.

Sweet Gracie Lou Dolls on Etsy

The doll came packaged in this cute little fabric bag! Seriously?! I think I drooled a little bit.

Sweet Gracie Lou Dolls on Etsy

I’m not gonna lie, at first she was like : “what is this??”

And I was like : “just pull it out already!” {Have I told you how excited I was for this doll?!}

Sweet Gracie Lou Dolls on EtsySweet Gracie Lou Dolls on Etsy

Then she saw what it was and instantly struck the “mom cuddle” pose.  Excuse the blurry pictures. My two year old was ready for a nap and did NOT want to see what I was so excited about.

Sweet Gracie Lou Dolls on Etsy

How cute are they?! Swoon.

doll9 Sweet Gracie Lou Dolls on Etsy

Kara is totally awesome to work with too. She helped find me a fabric that made the cutest dress for my horse. Check out one of her custom dolls below or just head on over to her Etsy shop. Get all the cuteness you can handle.  Use code: MONSTER for 10% off until 10/31 !!

gracie lou dolls