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Spring is here. Can you feel it? Some days don’t necessarily feel it, but I see the bugs. I see ants here and then, bees everywhere and a caterpillar the other day. These sightings were the inspiration behind these adorable Spring Bug Magnet Crafts that my daughter and I made. We did it pretty simple but it was a fun activity for us. We talked about what we loved most about spring. It was no surprise that we both said being outside!

Super Creative Spring Bug Crafts For Kids

Super Creative Spring Bug Crafts For Kids

I titled these bugs Super Creative because there is no ‘right’ way to do them. We didn’t have a definite plan when we sat down to craft, like sometimes we do. We set out craft supplies and started making. Aren’t those creative moments, where you watch your child use her imagination and just create? I love it!

Materials Used

Like I sad we had a table full of random craft supplies that we picked from to make these cute little critters. The main ones that got used were:

Large Popsicle Sticks
Pom Poms
Googly Eyes
Foam Sheets
Pipe Cleaners

Magnetic Strip

For all of the bugs we used large popsicle sticks as the base.
From there we created bodies with a variety of colors of pom poms.

We added googly eyes.

Then we had fun embellishing most of them. The wings on the butterfly & dragon fly was cut out of a foam sheet. The specs on the butterfly was also cut from foam sheet.

The antenna was made of pipe cleaners wrapped around a marker for the curves.

Super Creative Spring Bug Magnet Crafts For Kids

At the very end we used magnetic strips, cut them into squares, and stuck them on the back of the bugs.

I love when my kids’ crafts can be displayed around the house and making these bugs into magnets just seemed fitting! They’re so adorable!

Super Creative Spring Bug Magnet Crafts For Kids



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