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Living in the Midwest, it’s inevitable that this time of the year brings extreme winds, cold temperature, and mountains of snow. With Mother Nature forcing parents and children to stay in our homes to keep warm, we can quickly run out of ideas to keep our little ones entertained and from climbing the walls with boredom. I found myself in this scenario earlier this month when the “Polar Vortex” and a foot of snow confined my daughter and I to the house. As I pondered how I was going to keep her busy all day, the idea came to me…why not bring summer fun into our snow day?

These activities provided my little one with new and fun experiences within the walls of our house, as well as some sensory play too! Here what we did!

What child doesn’t like to play in a sand box? This time of year it can be hard to purchase sand, however, oatmeal or puffed rice cereal works just as well and provides a new texture to explore. Also if your child tends to put everything in their mouth, the rice cereal can also be a tasty snack. So here’s what you do, just grab a spare storage container, fill it half way with the material of your choice, and add your favorite sandbox toys!!

Summer Fun in the WInter for Preschoolers

Here’s my finished product:

Summer Fun in the WInter for Preschoolers

My daughter played with this sensory box for over an hour! She loved scooping the cereal and filling the bucket and dumping it out over and over again. Granted there was rice cereal everywhere but she had fun with it and that’s all that matters.

Another fun idea was to set up a mini tent in the living room! Luckily we have a child size tent, however this could be done with a small adult tent or you could make a fort! Add a blanket and a small pillow inside the tent to make a nice place for your child to rest.

Lastly at the end of the night when it’s time for a bath, grab a bottle of bubbles for your child and they can blow bubbles in the bath tub. I love this activity because my daughter has so much fun with it and it’s great for children who need to work on strengthening the muscles in their mouths for speaking!


Another fun bath activity is to use glow sticks at bath time. I had a bunch of glow sticks left over from the summer; however, most dollar stores and some chain grocery stores carry them through the winter.

Summer Fun in the WInter for Preschoolers

I hope you can incorporate some of these fun summer activities into your next snow day!!

Jill Boudreau-Wallaker is a mother to 2 year old Evelyn and a wife to Adam. Our small family lives in Bay City, Michigan. Jill has worked for the last 7 years as an Environmental Consultant. Like most moms, Jill strives to find the right balance between work and home life. Jill is always scoping out new experiences for Evelyn to be involved with. She feels that children are a gift, they’re with us to enrichment our lives, and as parents, we should  relish the time we have with them. Jill enjoys hitting the gym (when there is time), reading, having fun adventures with her family, and spending time in Northern Michigan.