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St Patrick’s Day is right around the corner!  Get your green out so your aren’t pinched (Does that still happen? I don’t even know) and prepare for a fun filled day full of leprechauns and gold coins! We’ll take care of the gold coins activities with this sensory bin experience that will also help the littles count. Win win!

This is a kid favorite because of the magnetic wands. I love these wands too because I can walk away and not stress that they’ll tear them apart and little magnets will coming rolling out. I also use a bin with a lid for all my sensory bins so I can seal it up and put it out of the way when need be. It’s deep enough they can dig around in it but short enough they won’t fall in ;)

What You’ll Need:


Magnetic Wands

Black Pots

Green and Gold Pipe Cleaners

Kelly Green Pom Poms

White Pom Poms

Black Pom Poms

Yellow Pom Poms

Printable Coins you can get here: St Patricks Day Gold Coins

If you’d like printable directions for the kids, you can find them here: St Patrick Day Sensory Bin Directions


Cut the pipe cleaners in 3 pieces and place in the bin. Mix in the all the poms poms. Cut out the gold coins and place in the bin and hide them. Add in the black pots

Have your child find a coin and place it on the table. Pick a pot out and place that next to the number. Use the magnet and pick up the number of pipe cleaners that is on the gold coin and place in the pot.