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snow day fun!Brrrrrrr!

It’s freezing outside and the snow is falling again. Are you going stir crazy yet? Is your child bored? Are you ready to pull your hair out? If it’s not too cold, go outside and get some fresh air. Build a snowman, have a snowball fight, make angels, or just play!

Maybe it is too cold. The wind chill is below zero and it is simply – frigid. Don’t worry, there are so many ways you can have fun inside. First, think about what you would like to be doing, then customize it to include your child.

So you want to go back to bed and hide under the covers…perfect.

Hide Out: Kids love forts. Take the pillows off your couch, grab all the blankets in the house, and help construct a unique hideout for your child. Make secret exits and fun places to explore. Spend the day in the fort – have a snack, take a nap, tell stories, make up goofy jokes, or take some crayons and paper in there and draw in the dark. Don’t forget the flash lights!

snow day fun!Would you rather be getting a massage or a pedicure? Well, go for it.

Pamper Yourself: Spend the day pampering your child (and yourself). Put on some relaxing music and stick your bare feet in the tub full of bubble bath. Aaaaah, let ‘em soak. Don’t forget to bring your favorite beverage to sip while you relax – maybe a fancy fruit juice, with a little umbrella, of course.  Then let your child get in the nice warm bath and play for a while.

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Itching for some fresh air? Go outside and build a snowman! Too cold to go outside?

Build a Snowman Snack: Make a silly snowman inside with some healthy foods. You will need 3 round crackers, cream cheese, pretzel sticks, raisins, and a small carrot slice (for the nose). Help your child to spread cream cheese on three round crackers, and stack them on a plate to make the snowman’s body. (Alternatively, use banana slices to make the snowman’s body.) Add raisins for eyes and buttons. Add pretzel stick arms. Add the carrot nose. Do you want a hat for your snowman? What could you use? Ask your child what kind of food would make a good hat or try an apple slice or a piece of cheese cut into the shape of a hat.  Does the snowman need a scarf and boots? Encourage your child to be creative. Enjoy your snack!

RITZ Snowman

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