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The dollar store is one of my favorite places to find supplies to make activities for my kids. Most of the time we find pretty good quality items, but if something breaks or gets ruined some how it’s okay because it was $1. Literally one dollar. Sometimes I just walk around and get inspired by what I find. This time all I knew is I wanted something Easter inspired and after walking around I came up with this fun & easy Easter Counting Activity for kids.

Simple Easter Egg Counting Practice Activity With Dollar Store Supplies


Supplies Needed:

We found these plastic bins. There are so many different varieties of bins at the dollar store, you could find whatever works for you and your kids.

Next we found these plastic eggs. Again, there are so many different varieties at the dollar store. We found patterns or plain, but we liked these glittery ones.

The last step of prep is just creating the number cards. These I printed off but you could use index cards or scrap paper and a marker to create the cards.


How To Play:

Take one number per bin. Have your kids put the correct number of eggs in the basket. When they are successful, switch the numbers to something else.



  • Kids can stand back and toss them in until they get the correct number.
  • Put simple math equations on the number cards and kids can figure out the answer then put that number of eggs in the basket.