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Sheep are a favorite of mine! I think that’s why I love this Easter sheep candy bar wrapper!

Printable King Size Easter Sheep Candy Bar Wrapper


My favorite photo is of one I took on a farm in college. It was for my black and white beginning photography class. Our mission was to capture nature in black and white. It was fall and all the leaves had fallen off the trees. The sky was dark and grey and this little sheep was a stark white images against the tree line. Ever since then, I have been obsessed with photographing them. So it was only natural to carry over a favorite of mine for this Easter printable.


Candy makes for great gifts. For kids, neighbors, friends..heck even complete strangers. It’s simple to give and can bring such a smile to the recipients face. This Sheep Candy Bar Wrapper is easy to assemble and makes giving a candy bar even more special.

Supplies Needed;

Double Sided Tape
Large Candy Bar

How To Use:

Cut along the outside of the candy wrapper, discarding the extra.

Fold along the white/gray lines on the printed wrapper.

We used the large Hershey’s candy bars.

Tape one side of the wrapper to the back and attach the other side onto that. Double sided tape will hide the tape from view, but regular tape would work just fine as well.


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