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What is cooler than watching sharks swimming on the reef? Keep your counting skills sharp with this free Shark Preschool Printable for toddlers and preschoolers.

I know Shark Week is huge in my house so what better way to keep the shark fun going? If you want to mix up this printable and use real sharks, check out my favorite little shark pack from Safari, LTD. Toobs Sharks.

You can use this free shark printable by printing out the coral reef scene then add a number to the box. Cut out the shark cards and place in a pile.

Have your little one recognize the number on the coral reef scene and add that many sharks to it. Print off as many coral reef scenes as you’d like or laminate the one and use a dry erase marker to write the different numbers on it.

Get the free Shark Preschool Printable here: Sharks on the Reef Counting Mats

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