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Shape by Shape Building Free Toddler and Preschool Printable

I love this book! Learning (and teaching) shapes get a little boring to me. I’m not gonna lie. So every time I find a new and exciting way to teach it, I do.

This book is just so much fun! Just read the synopsis from

What am I?
I lived a long, long time ago.
I had round eyes…
lots of sharp teeth…

This new concept book from Caldecott Honor illustrator Suse MacDonald is sure to entertain children. As readers turn the brightly colored, die cut pages, shapes on each page come together to reveal a creature from long ago. Page by page, MacDonald’s bright, cut-paper, collage-style artwork transforms circles into eyes and triangles into scales until a familiar creature is revealed, with the aid of a large fold-out page, on the final spread.

Super cute, right?

After reading this adorable book, print off our free printable to make a train and flower out of shapes just like in the book!

PRINT HERE: Shape by Shape Building


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