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Let your children have fun with this new favorite activity just in time for St. Patrick’s Day!! If your kids love sensory play, this is sure to be a huge hit with them. It is super easy, fun, and interactive for everyone!


  • Voss water bottle
  • Green colored hand soap
  • Green colored dish soap
  • Shamrock confetti, green sequins, green beads and other small green decorations
  • Packing tape or super glue



  1. Begin by removing the labels from the Voss water bottle. You can use rubbing alcohol to remove any sticky residue left behind.
  2. Fill the bottle almost to the top with green colored hand soap. Just leave a few inches unfilled at the top of the bottle.
  3. Put in your shamrock confetti, green sequins, green beads or any other small green decorations you might wish to use in the bottle.
  4. Add a little bit of green liquid dish soap to the bottle.
  5. Close the lid and see if you are happy with how fast or slow the objects in the bottle are moving. If they need some help getting started, you can use a small popsicle stick or skewer to swirl them around. If you want the movement to go faster, add a bit more dish soap. If you want it to go slower, add some more hand soap.
  6. Once you have gotten the desired movement in the bottle, fill it to the very top with hand soap.
  7. Use a piece of packing tape to seal the bottle closed. You can use super glue if you prefer, for a more secure hold.