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All About Me

Donut Preschool Weekly

1. D is for Donut {letter recognition} Cover each sight word with a donut sticker.

2. Donut Sprinkles {number recognition, counting} Add the numbers on the card and use the shape lick and sticks to add the correct number of sprinkles.

Airplane Preschool Weekly Theme--www.misformonster.com1. Airplane Toss {fine motor, number recognition} Spread the number cards on the floor. Write the sight owrds do, me and cat on the clouds. Toss the airplane and have it land on a card. Shout out the word that is on the card.

2. Flight School {dramatic play} Decide it you want to be the pilot or flight attendant and add it to your lanyard! Wear your name lanyard as you take tickets from your customers. (More tickets and printables can be found on the blog)

3. Planes and Clouds {number recognition} Add the numbers on the sheet and glue down that many cotton ball clouds.

Cats Preschool Weekly

1. Too Many Cats {art, number recognition, fine motor} Read the book by Lori Haskins Houran

2. C is for Cat { letter reocgnition, art} Use the pom poms to fill in the C. Place the stickers eyes on and add the pipe cleaner whiskers. Draw on the ears and nose.

3. Cat Colors {color recognition} Mix the colors on the card and color the cat to match the color they would make.All About Me Preschool Weekly

  1. This is Me! {self recognition} Have your child look in the mirror and draw their own face on the sheet of paper.

2. Name Rubbing {name recognition} Write your child’s name on the card. Have them use the glue and trace their name. Once dry, let them color over their name with the crayon and create their own name rubbing.