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September 2014Gumball Week1. Gumball Addition {number recognition} Roll the dice and add that many “gumballs” to the gumball machine. 2. Gumball Patterning {early math skills} Make your own patterns using the lick and stick stickers. Toddlers may need a pattern started for them by an adult. (See the blog to print more patterning sheets) 3. Letter G is for Gumball {letter recognition} Use the crayons and color in the gumball machine. Next, use the bingo marker to dot in the letter G or g.Squirrel Week1. Squirrels and Acorn Counting {number recognition, fine motor} Recognize the number listed on the squirrel card. Using the tweezers count out that many “acorns” and place on top. 2. Tree Color Matching {color recognition} TODDLER-Match the colored acorns to the same colored tree. Talk about the colors. PRESCHOOL-color mix the tree tops and match the correct color acorn to them. 3. S is for Squirrel {fine motor, letter recognition} Using the glue, put together the S is for Squirrel Craft.Shapes Week1. Shapes Book {shape recognition} Have fun using the Usborne shape book to learn all about shapes! 2. Shape Making- {shape recognition, fine motor} Use the pipe cleaners to try and make the shapes on the card.All About Me

1. This is Me Book {letter recognition} Read the All About Me book with your child and help them fill in the pages. 2. My Fingerprints {self recognition} Use the ink pad and make fingerprints on the paper. Have them look at their fingerprints with the magnifying glass. PRESCHOOL-Have them take family member’s fingerprints and compare and contrast. 3. When I Grow Up {letter recognition, early reading skills} Read the book, When I Grow Up by Mercer Mayer