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Are you having a science themed unit? Do you have a science loving child? Math is a critical part of science so the theme and purpose of this activity go hand in hand, in a way. While the activity itself is not science per say, my daughter loved it because there were beakers on it. She is obsessed with everything and anything science.

Science Tool Themed Number Sense Activities

  Free Printable Science Themed Counting Activity For Preschoolers. Excellent for number sense.

About This Activity

Building number sense of 0-20 is a critical stepping stone for any child’s future math knowledge. It is important that kids learn these base numbers in order to continue learning to count, add, subtract and all other math in this world. Number sense helps build confidence with numbers and teaches flexibility in thinking. We can teach our kids counting by voicing the numbers but hands on activities are more fun and may be received better. These printables will help children with many areas of number sense for 0-20 and they will have fun doing it.

Benefits Of This Activity

  • Builds Counting Skills
  • Strengthens Number Recognition
  • Helps With Number Formation
  • Encourages Number Line Memorization

How To Use This Activity

Print the packet from the link at the bottom of this page. These pages can be laminated for extended use, and used with dry erase markers, or can simply be printed out and used with the child’s favorite writing utensil.

The first page is all about what comes before. There are grids with numbers on one side and a blank space before it. Have your child write which number comes before the printed number.

The second page is similar but shows two numbers and a space for the number that goes between them.

The third page is the same concept, but for which number comes after.

Free Printable Science Themed Counting Activity For Preschoolers. Excellent for number sense.

Add To The Activity

This activity can be simply done with the printable pack and a writing utensil. The benefits of learning number sense will be granted with this simple activity.

That being said, if you would like to extend the activity in a more hands on way, you could use counters. Find 20 items of your choice and use them for counters. We have used water beads, balls of play dough, teddy bear counters or even coins. These counters can help children visually see the numbers in an additional way. This is also very helpful for children who are just starting out learning numbers 0-20, the counters will be very beneficial!