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What kid doesn’t love rockets? With the right cuts of fruit, you can make these yummy fruit kabobs that look like miniature rockets. Look below for this delicious recipe!


Miniature Oranges


Grapes (green and purple)


Kabob sticks


1. Cut all the fruit into desired shape. Oranges should be wedges, pineapple should be triangles, and kiwi should be sliced, then the slices should be cut in half. Grapes will remain whole

2. Grab your kabob stick

3. Slide on an orange wedge

4. Then a green grape

5. Time for the kiwi

6. Purple grape, please

7. And, finally, the pineapple triangles!

8. Let’s do some more kabobs!

These fun kabobs will let the kiddos enjoy playing with their food. A great way to get your little monsters to eat their fruit!