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Ring Toss- an easy carnival game

This is a super easy way to play ring toss with your kids! And the best thing about it? It’s super cheap! We used just one bottle and had so much fun, but you can use more if you want.


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Fill bottle(s) with water so that they aren’t easily knocked over. Stand back and try to toss the ring onto the bottle. Count how many times it takes for you to make it stay on the bottle!

Squeeze Bottle

Now, after we were tired of playing ring toss, my daughter asked if she could play with her squeeze bottle outside. She went outside and promptly started spelling words with the water.

I, of course, was one proud mama because she thought of it all on her own. She’s so smart :)

So when your little gets done playing ring toss, extend the fun even longer by having them write their name, letters, numbers or sight words.