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Halloween is still going strong over here! Today, I have Q-tip Halloween painting for Kids. In this Q-Tip Painting for Kids tutorial, we’re going to paint a witch, a cat and Frankenstein! Halloween Q-Tip painting is definitely fun for children of all ages.

Q-Tips are great not just for your ears, but also for painting! Cotton swabs are extremely cheap and available in many stores. They work well because they don’t leave behind brush strokes like paint brushes can do. Q-tips come with their own caps so you won’t have to worry about losing them either, leaving you free to get messy without a care in the world.

Q-Tip Halloween Painting for Kids is a simple process. Just pick out the colors of paint you want to use, moisten your Q-tips with water, and start painting! I am doing black Q-Tip painting so that I can color in Frankenstein’s hair but if you are doing this activity with young children, consider using only 2 or 3 Q-Tips. This way there will be less confusion over which Q-tip is which color. Keep on reading for detailed instructions on Q-Tip Painting for Kids!



Dip the Q-tips in the paint and try to fill in every dot on the witch, cat and Frankenstein. Use whatever colors you would like!


  • Fine Motor
  • Color Recognition
  • Creativity

Painting with Q-tips works on fine motor skills, color recognition and of course, they’re creativity! They don’t have to stick with just black hair for Frankenstein or green for the witch’s face. This is their artwork and therefore, they get to determine what they’d like it to look like!



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