Preschool Learning Through Play Box - June 2017

August 2017 Box learning through play activities


August 2017 Box learning through play activities

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Level 1- uppercase letters, numbers 1-10, simple shapes and color recognition {SOLD OUT}
Level 2- lowercase letters, numbers 11-20 simple shapes and color recognition {SOLD OUT}
Level 3- beginning sight words, simple addition and subtraction, complex shapes and color mixing

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Want the Monster Box experience without the commitment to monthly boxes? Buy just this one then come back when you are ready for more! Get everything in the August box! {books are optional and an additional charge}
August 2017 Monster Preschool Learning Box Themes:


1. Colored Bones Cut out the bones and place down on a flat surface making sure none of the cards are overlapping. Try to match two cards by flipping over two different cards. Keep going until you find a match. When you find a match, say what the colors are. {color recognition} Level 1: primary colors (red, yellow, blue) and secondary colors Primary colors cannot be made from other colors. Artists create all the other colors of the rainbow by mixing together the primary colors. Secondary colors: green, orange, violet (purple) Level 2 & 3- Tertiary colors- Tertiary colors are combinations of primary and secondary colors. There are six tertiary colors; red-orange, yellow-orange, yellow-green, blue-green, blue-violet, and red-violet. 2. Dog Ears Using the pattern, trace two onto one color of felt. Cut out. Using the other color of felt, cut out spots and glue one. Wrap the shorter end of the ears around the headband and glue in place. (You may need to use a chip clip or a clothespin to hold in place while they dry) When dry, wear your dog ears. {art} 3. Feed the Dog Cut out the bones and place in a pile. Place the bowl on top of the dog scene. Roll the dice and add that many bones to the dog bowls. Level 2 and 3- You may roll both dice and have them add the numbers togetheror just roll one die at a time. Whichever your child needs. {number recognition, counting or addition} 4. Paw Prints Cut the cards out and place in a pile. Pick one card at a time. Recognize the letter or sight word on the card and say out loud as you add a paw print sticker to cover up one of the matching letters. {letter or sight word recognition}


1. Cloud Counting Recognize or add the numbers on each page and glue down that many clouds. {number recognition, counting or addition} 2. Race Car Spread the cards on a hard, flat surface. Use the toy car to roll on the floor beside the cards. When the car stops, say whichever letter or sight word is closest to it. {gross motor, letter or sight word recognition} 3. Stop Sign Glue the white sheet on top of the black sheet of paper. Draw three circles on the white paper to represent a stop sign. Use the green, red and yellow paper to tear apart and glue down in each circle. {fine motor, art} 4.Ice Boat Racing Fill the cup up halfway with water. (you may want to place the cup on a plate to make transporting to freezer easier). Use half of the foil to place over the cup. Poke a tiny hole in the center of the foil and insert 1 stick. Place in freezer. When frozen, pop out of themold and place back in the freezer and repeat these steps to make another boat. Place a flag around the top of the sticks for sails. Place in the water and have a race. {science}


1. Piet Mondrian Use the washi tape and tape off squares on the cavas. Use the paint and paint each individual square. When done with the paint, peel off the tape to reveal your Piet Mondrian inspired art. {art} 2. Jackson Pollock Use the stick to splatter paint onto the paper to mimic the work of Jackson Pollock. {art} 3. Andy Warhol Using four different colored squares, dip your hand in black paint and place on the papers. (You should have a total of 4 handprints) When dry, cut out around the hands. Glue down onto 4 other sheets of paper- 1 hand on 1 square of different color paper. Glue all 4 sheets down onto the white paper. {art} 4. Mixed Media Use the items in the bag to create your own mixed media artwork. {art}

Pond Life

1. Feed the Frog- Put the eyes on the top of the jar. Cut the cards apart and place in a pile. Open the green lid and flap (the frog’s mouth) and pick a card. Recognize the number or add the numbers on the card and place that many bugs in the fly’s mouth. {Number recognition, counting or addition facts} 2. Jumping Frog- Place the paper on a flat surface. Flip the frogs and whichever letter or sight word the frog lands on, say the letter (or sight word) out loud. {letter or sight word recognition} 3. Lilypads- Use the cookie cutter shapes make the number of lily pads on the top of the page and add to the pond. {number recognition, counting or addition facts} 4. Fishing- Tie the string onto the stick. Tie the other end onto the magnet. Write: Level 1: Letters F, I, S, H, L, Y onto one side of the fish. Level 2: Letters f, i, s, h, l, y onto one side of the fish. Level 3: Letters if, in, so, how, you onto one side of the fish. Put a paperclip on each fish. Hold the fishing pole above the fish and go fishing. When you catch one, say what letter or sight word is on the fish. {letter or sight word recognition}
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