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Quinn is thinking she is big time since she turned six. She keeps saying she needs to take showers-not tubbies (what we call baths ’round here). She needs to practice putting herself to bed because, and I quote: “when I turn seven I have to do it all the time by myself so I need the practice” and while school is out, I am letting her “practice”. Even though it means she gets up ten times and climbs in my bed in the middle of the night because she is just so dang excited. Yayy…

She also wants to buy everything under the sun she sees on tv. And when I say everything, I mean everything. She even asks me to buy her OxyClean because “Mom! This stuff gets the stains out! I NEED OxyClean!” So I have been trying to teach her the value of a dollar and that you just can’t buy everything you see. Even if it does “get the stains out”.

This has led to chores. Something she and the boys should be helping with anyway but I don’t have the energy to show them how to do it and then go back and do it the way I really want it done, so they haven’t learned how until now.

Q will ask what she can do to earn money and I’ll give her a chore. Usually, it’s cleaning up the playroom. We have now added that she only gets the money if she does it without complaining and whining and crying. I guess being six doesn’t mean you’re too old for all of that. Lucky me.

This week’s printable is perfect to help with chores and keep my efforts down to a minimum. They make their own placemat and set it. Everything they need will be on it so I won’t have to remind them. Super easy adn super fun!


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