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Don’t you just love picnics? I enjoy going outside, enjoying nature and enjoying a meal. It’s a simple way to spend the afternoon with family and friends, enjoying each other’s company with food and sunshine. Children like being outside too but it is fun to extend the enjoyment with a simple activity like this Printable Picnic Scavenger Hunt For Kids.

Printable Picnic Scavenger Hunt For Kids


There are 11 items on the scavenger hunt list that kids can search for during an outdoor picnic.

How It Helps

First, it can be helpful by providing entertainment for your kids, maybe while you relax and enjoy sunshine on your face -is that too much to ask?,

This printable is also great for assisting children in observing their environments. It can be so therapeutic  and relaxing, as well as educational, to observe nature and the world around us. This simple printable will help children do this by encouraging them to see beyond what is right in front of them.

How To Use

Grab your child’s favorite writing utensil: crayon, marker, pen..whatever you have!

Print out the printable through the link below.

Plan a delicious picnic in your favorite location, with your favorite foods.

Sit on your picnic blanket and have your kids look around. When the find something that is on the list, your child can check it off the list.


It is a simple activity that can lead to great conversation, inquisitive minds, and even lead to other activities or story telling. Activities that cost barely anything and are low prep are some of my favorite and this is definitely one of them!