Drawing Prompts For Kids: 8 Page Printable Invitation To Draw

Printable Drawing Prompts For Kids

July 17, 2017
My daughter loves to draw. This was a recent interest of hers and it makes me so happy. I remember spending hours as a child drawing. Inside, outside, in the car, with a flashlight under the covers in the middle of the night. Drawing was my thing. So with every single piece of paper that she steals from our printer or every sketch book that she fills up with her random drawings, I get more and more excited. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for her drawing. The only thing that gets in her way is deciding what to draw. That is where drawing prompts are a perfect assistant for her.

Printable Drawing Prompts For Kids

Printable Drawing Prompts For Kids - 8 Pages Of Drawing Prompts To Help Kids Grow Imagination While Drawing Drawing prompts encourage children to use their imagination by giving them just a sliver of an idea but the canvas to finish the idea on their own. This Printable Drawing Prompts For Kids set has 8 pages of simple ideas for kids to build upon with their crayons or colored pencils. The themes we have included are: The Beach Frog Pond School Bus Birthday Party Robot Garden Umbrella Caterpillar   Even if these themes are not your child’s number one interest, the themes can still help encourage imaginations to grow and children to think critically.  
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