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I grew up for some time in Washington state. Where there’s land full of Evergreen trees, rivers and ponds and all of the animals that come with that. I spent a majority of my pre-teen life outside catching frogs with my sister. They were little tree frogs but man could they jump. We would chase them through the mud, puddles, and trees and bring them home. My parents found an empty aquarium for us that we could keep our little froggy treasures in and feed them. We’d always let them go a few days later, the most fun was in finding them. After telling my daughter this story we decided making a simple frog craft would be fun.

Pressed Tissue Paper Frog Craft For Kids - An easy amphibian preschool craft for kids

Now I don’t really want to touch a frog. The thought of it jumping out of my hands and onto my face puts me in a mini panic. And the slime. Oh the slime. Not for me. My daughter loves them, though, and they are pretty cute. I just don’t want to touch them but I’ll make a frog craft every day if she wanted to, this one was so fun!!

Pressed Tissue Paper Frog Craft

We used some scrap tissue paper that we had left over from the holidays. Yes, we could save it for next year but crafting is so much more fun! This craft does have a few steps and there is a waiting period, but it turned out so cute and hands on that we both loved it!

Supplies Used:

Tissue Paper
Spray Bottle Filled With Water
Cookie Sheet
Silicone Mat or 2nd Cookie Sheet
Paper (We used cardstock)
Googly Eyes

Steps We Took:

We started by cutting the tissue paper it to chunky squares. There was no measuring and not one square matched the other. Just chop them up.

Next we crumpled the squares up and put them on the cookie sheet.

Next comes the fun part, spray the tissue paper with water. Don’t drench it, more like a morning dew.

Press the silicone mat or the second cookie sheet on top of the sprayed tissue paper and let it sit. This will press the tissue paper down and make the texture so fun.

We let it dry for a couple hours, but a hair dryer may speed up the process.

Pressed Tissue Paper Frog Craft For Kids

Next we cut out a circle from card stock and folded it in half.

On the top half is where you can spread glue (we used a glue stick) and start adding the pieces of pressed tissue paper. Some will hang over the edge but it’s okay, you can trim it later.

Ensure that all the card stock is covered and trim the edges. Add googly eyes and a tongue on the inside if desired.


How fun is that? Later we turned ours into a magnet for the fridge. It sits there like the fridge is it’s big lilly pad!



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