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I am so excited to have Mama Monster Abi hosting our virtual morning time! You can watch her live on Periscope on Wednesdays and Fridays at 10 am EST. If you can’t watch live, you can still watch later on YouTube.

Periscope: @misformonster


Each week, we will release the free printables for you to print so that you can follow along with Ms. Abi as she talks about the weather, days of the week as well as the shape, number and letter of the week.


Morning Circle with M is for Monster

What you will need for the morning board:

Cork board (2’x3′)

or Tri Fold board


Thick cardstock

Laminate sheets

Velcro Dots

I choose the cork board to pin up our materials because my boys are pretty rough with things. I know that with me not takcking this to a wall so I can put it up and out of the way when we’re not using it, that they will get their little monster hands on it. So instead of using a board that will get broken, I opted to splurge on the more expensive option. (Although in the long term, it will be the cheaper option because I won’t have to keep buying new boards.)

Laminating is optional. I chose to, because again: boys. The one thing  I would say needs to be laminated is the What Day is it? part of the board where they will be removing the days each time and adding new ones. This is also where I velcroed them so they can be easily pulled on and off each day.

If you would rather them just view Ms. Abi’s board so you don’t have to store it, another option would be to make a:

MORNING CIRCLE WORKBOOKMorning Circle with M is for Monster

What you will need for the workbook:

3 ring binder

Sheet Protectors


Dry Erase Marker


Thick Paper

You will be doing virtually the same thing as the board, but instead, putting the printables in the sheet protectors. The Days of the Week will still get the velcro on them as well. I just put the extra days of the week in another sheet protector.

Lastly, what you will need to print off:

January Calendar

Months January-June Tags

letter of the week Aa

Square Shape and Number 2


Weather Chart


I CAN NOT WAIT TO START THIS PROGRAM! I hope you all enjoy watching it as we are to host it!

If you have any comments on how we can improve, please let us know in the comments below!

Morning Circle with M is for Monster