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Summer has been filled with many questions. Mainly “Can I buy this?” and “Can I have that?” I gotta tell ya, it was getting old, fast. My daughter is 8 now and she has been doing chores for awhile. She knows she gets an allowance for doing chores but I seriously was so behind in payments that she could have considered me in default. It made her unmotivated to do chores which turned into a struggle. Wanting to eliminate both of those issues and so the Reward Chart was made. (Listen folks! I didn’t even want to have to worry about buying stickers for this! That’s how easy this chart is.)

I have three kids total, all very different ages. My 8 year old has more expected of her than my 4 year old. And then I have my middle son who’s smack dab in the middle of them. I wanted different charts to reflect their ages, skills and of course, their goals.


You can literally do whatever reward system works best for your family with this chart.

Quinn, my 8 year old, has been wanting a new iPad since hers broke a year ago. We can trade it in for the hefty sum of $200. Now I’m sure you all can understand why I’m not running out to get her a new-to-her one.

Insert Reward Chart with 100 boxes cut in half to make 200 total squares. Now for every day she does her chores (cleans her room, bathroom etc) she will get to fill in half a square. When she fills it all in, we’ll take her to trade in her broken iPad.

Trey, the middle one, wants a $50 lego set. His goal is smaller, so he gets the 40 square chart.

William has no clue what’s going on really, so he gets the smallest chore chart.

It’s a very versatile reward chart that you can use any way you see fit. You can do a physical item like we are with our two oldest or you could even add monetary value instead such as $0.25 per half square….you get the picture. Either way, this is great for teaching responsibility, helping kids understand what it means to earn money, and so much more.






Download the 20 square reward chart here: Reward Chart 20 Squares






Download the 40 square reward chart here: Reward Chart 40 Square





Download the 20 square reward chart here: Reward Chart 100/200 Squares