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Sometimes life is hectic. Just kidding. Life is always hectic. Kids are fun (most of the time) but let’s be real, they zap energy out of you daily! But like any good mom, you want those little monsters learning, growing, and having hands on fun. We all want our kids to have learning through play activities!

We have all tried Pinterest for this reason. Let’s just say I pinned tons of ideas on Pinterest myself back in the day. Finding so many fun and creative projects would get me inspired and excited. It made me think of what I would or could do with my kids, but we all know we wouldn’t follow through on them. Getting to the store to purchase the supplies is the first hard part, second is actually finding time to do it.

Boy do I have a solution for you! We have pre-made lesson plans that are designed for you in mind, without all the work. There are activities complete with printables, a monthly calendar and even a supply list. Everything can be purchased on Amazon and shipped right to your door. (Mom’s best friend btw)

This freebie makes it simple and easy for you to help your children learn and explore! Don’t let stress, time constraints and those lovely kids distract you from those goals.

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· 16 Activities

· Monthly Calendar

· Shopping List

· Fun Printables