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Poop Slobber teaching your little one to wipe

Let’s be serious for a minute. Poop stinks. It’s just plain disgusting. Wanna know what’s even more disgusting? When your 4 year old comes screaming from the other room that your two year old has “poop slobber running down his legs!” You know it isn’t a good thing but you aren’t quite sure what “poop slobber” really is. And then you see it. I won’t give details to spare you from upchucking the meal you just ate, but I will tell you, more things had turned from bright and colorful to just plain brown.

After cleaning up the horrific crime scene and the victim, I started thinking about Quinn hollering about poop slobber. Where on earth did she come up with that? It was actually quite funny that she came up with that phrase. It was also something that would become part of her normal vocabulary.

If she needed help in the bathroom, she would holler: “I need help wiping! I have poop slobber!” and we would go assist.

But now that she is almost five, I started wondering how she would fare in kindergarten when we weren’t there to help wipe the poop slobber. I certainly didn’t want her to smell, or be uncomfortable with a dirty behind all day. But how do you teach a child to wipe better?

I scoured the internet and have found some helpful advice.

1. Practice on a teddy bear or other stuffed animal. Show them how much toilet paper to get and demonstrate how to wipe from front to back. Practice makes perfect. Popsugar

2. Use peanut butter on a plate to practice wiping until the toilet paper becomes clean. Great advice fromPerfecting Parenting.  DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK IF YOU DON’T WANT TO SEE ACTUAL POOP ON A KIDS BUTT!!!

3. Watch them wipe. Give direction when necessary. Praise them for a “job well done”.

4. If all else fails, buy stock in a kids underwear company.