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Police Car Kids Craft



There was recently a police officer in the news that was told by a child that what he really wanted was a horse. The police officer went out of his way to buy the kid (with his own money) a rocking horse. There was no happier child that day. This craft project is to honor the police officers like him.

Items Needed:

Construction paper (blue, white, red, black, yellow)

Glue stick


Writing instrument

Star stickers (optional, only if you don’t want to cut out a yellow star from construction paper)



1. Fold blue piece of construction paper in half

2. Draw car shape with the folded part as the top of the car

3. Cut out the car

4. Cut out 4 circles from the black construction paper for the wheels

5. Cut out 4 small squares for windows from the white construction paper

6. Cut out 2 dome shapes for the police light from the red construction paper

7. If not using a star sticker, cut out a star shape from the yellow construction paper

8. Glue 2 Wheels onto either side of the car so that half the wheel hangs below the car

9. Glue 2 windows onto either side of the car, so that each side has 2 windows

10. Glue on the red dome shape on either side to make the police light

11. Add a Big star to either side of the car

12. Place on a shelf and enjoy!