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To go along with the January box, or another other bear themed activities, we have these number math printables. This packet will help children who are being introduced to simple numbers or if they need a little extra practice.

Polar Bear Number Printables For Preschoolers


We have a number tracing page. This helps children with number recognition and formation, which are both critical for the rest of math and more.

The second page is a number match. I purposely left the bottom numbers blank so that you can add whichever numbers the child is in need of practice for. Whether it be 1-8 or 58-66.

Benefits Of This Activity:

  • Builds Counting Skills
  • Strengthens Number Recognition
  • Helps With Number Formation
  • Encourages Number Line Memorization

How To Use:

Both of these pages can be laminated for extended use a used with dry erase markers instead of crayons.


Polar Bear Number Printables For Preschoolers





















The first page is pretty self explanatory. Have the child trace the numbers with his or her finger or writing utensil.


Polar Bear Number Order Free Printable For Preschoolers



For the second page, cut out the bottom squares until they are all individual. You can use this template two ways. You can write the numbers in order on the top section and mix up the bottom squares. You can also leave the top boxes blank and ask the child to put the numbers in numerical order. There are quite a few options here.