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Did you see my five minutes of fame?! We were on one of our local news channels talking about how I get my picky eater to eat. Here are some of what we made on air. Rainbow yogurt, Picky Eaters no more, M is for Monster!

Who wouldn’t want to eat a rainbow? This is the easiest rainbow treat to make! Ingredients: Yogurt (any flavor) food coloring Mix food coloring in the rainbow colors and drop a couple of spoonfuls of each color into a clear cup.

Umbrella Snack

Umbrella Snack


Babybel cheese



Cut babybel cheese in half. Cut some of the wax off the halved cheese. Cut straw and insert into bottom part of cheese. Place blueberries around representing raindrops.

Super Hero Sandwich and Xray Vision Carrots Lunch

What Super Hero wouldn’t want X ray Vision?





Carrot Sticks

Assemble sandwich and place carrot sticks beside it.