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Picking a carrot from the garden toddler and preschool game is the perfect springtime activity. Recognizing letters and practicing letter sounds are the main focus of this activity.

I’m writing this post from Ohio during the Covid-19 pandemic. We’ve been in our house for a couple of weeks and I am now the proud homeschooler of a 5th grader, 2nd grader and kindergartener. It’s stressful and fun all at once. I’m sure all of you reading this totally understand that, right? I can’t wait to read this post in a year or two and feel the relief that all of this is behind us. It feels it is never going to end since we’re still a month out from Ohio’s Stay at Home order but I’m sure when life goes back to normal, a year will fly by in no time.

I wanted to create a colorful and spring-like activity and I think I did. I was so excited when I made this and it came to fruition. Isn’t is adorable? Pick a carrot from the garden activity focuses on letter recognition. There is a blank sheet for you to fill in numbers or shapes or even colors if you’d like. The opportunities for the learning in this garden is endless.


Paper Rolls

Brown felt

Hot Glue Gun  I absolutely love this glue gun because it’s rechargeable-meaning no cord when you’re trying to make your crafts.

Carrot Printable found in our Printables Membership comes with uppercase and lowercase letters as well as blank cards to fill in your own


This is such a simple craft with highly cute results. Use three or four paper towel rolls. Wrap each roll with brown felt and glue in place. Place all rolls together and glue together at the ends where they touch. Do not glue all the way across or you will not be able to fit the carrots in between the rolls.

Print and cut out the carrot cards. Choose the ones you want to focus on and place in between the garden “rows”. Have your child pick a carrot and say the letter and the sound the letter makes.