10+ Fun & Festive Kid Made Ornaments

10+ Ornaments Kids Can Make

December 22, 2016
Kids often want to be involved in all things Christmas. From helping to decorate, baking, and of course giving gifts. There are many people, from teachers to grandparents, that kids would like to give to and the same people would love to receive a handmade gift from their favorite kids. Kid Made Ornaments are great because they don’t take too much time, can usually be done pretty inexpensively, and they will always have a place when Christmas comes again. Or if you’re like my child’s grandparents, they would probably hang it somewhere in their home all year round. Kid Made Christmas Ornaments. Ornaments handmade by kids are great for gifts for teachers, friends or family.

Here are some of our favorite Kid Made Ornaments. They are beautiful and so creative.

CD Christmas Ornaments – Happy Hooligans With old CDs (garage sales and Goodwill are a great place to pick them up), try painting these CD ornaments! Add some glitter and paint for extra fun. Image credit: Happy Hooligans Handprint Snowman Ornament – Little Bit Funky Create an ornament with little snowmen from your kiddo’s handprint. All you’ll need is some white paint, and a little bit of fine detail for the snowman! Button Star Christmas Ornament – Buggy and Buddy With cardboard, make this chic button star ornament. You’ll need some green felt and buttons, along with anything else you want to add as decor! Image credit: Buggy and Buddy Pinecone Reindeer Ornament – Kids Craft Room Create a reindeer out of a pinecone! You’ll need fabric scraps, ribbon, and googly eyes for this fun project. It’s best for middle elementary students! DIY Christmas LEGO Ornaments for Kids – Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls Use these 5 DIY tutorials to create ornaments made from LEGOs! There is a train, Nativity scene, present, reindeer, and snowflake. Image credit: Frugal Fun 4 Boys   Miniature Winter Hat Yarn Craft – Left On Peninsular Road You’ll need yarn for this Christmas ornament. You’ll need some yarn and small white pom poms. This craft is low mess and low stress, making it great for classrooms. Fingerprint Gingerbread Man Salt Dough Ornament – Crafty Morning This ornament is easy for kids to make, but requires some adult supervision when baking the salt dough! The salt dough is a simple DIY recipe – no buying extra materials needed. Image credit: Crafty Morning Parachute Cord (Paracord) Candy Cane Christmas Ornaments – Frugal Fun For Boys And Girls Make Christmas ornaments out of parachute cord, paracord. In this activity, you can create a candy cane with paracord and a wire coat hanger. Photo Christmas Ornaments Kids Can Make – She Knows Cherish memories with this simple photo Christmas ornament with a sparkly pom pom border. Handmade Beaded Christmas Ornaments Kids Can Make – Crystal and Comp With some small pony beads, create a Christmas ornament. Patterns and color schemes are endless, for maximum creativity! Image credit: Crystal and Comp Kids Fingerprint Christmas Lights Ornament – The Happier Homemaker In this memory-maker ornament, create Christmas lights from brightly colored fingerprints! Homemade Beaded Christmas Ornaments Kids Can Make – Crystal & Co. Use pony beads (or the alternative perler beads). You can use Christmas shaped cookie cutters to make fun Christmas designs! Gingerbread Christmas Ornaments – Preschool Inspirations With small scrapbook stickers, make this fun sticker ornament! Image credit: Preschool Inspirations   Aren’t those all just so cute and so fun? We think so too!!  

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