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Whether you’re sipping on a citrus white in the summer time or a deep dark apple blend in the winter, Sangria is such a refreshing beverage. I always feel like I’m in relax mode when I have a sangria to my lips. Isn’t it hard, though, to wait for for all the flavors to meld together? It’s hard waiting sometimes, especially for something as good as sangria. This apple sangria recipe, though, is a quick and simple version. It’s for those Tuesday nights when you just want one glass or a weekend afternoon when a friend stops by unexpectedly.

 One Cup Apple Sangria - When you don't want to wait for a glass of sangria!

Grab yourself a wine glass: it’s time for a quick, delicious, and easy drink.

One Glass Apple Sangria

1 red apple
2 parts red wine
1 part apple juice
1 part orange juice
1 part sparkling water

Are you ready for the simple instructions?

Dice your apple and set aside.
Add juices and wine into glass and stir.
Add dices of apple and enjoy!

See? How simple. It’s refreshing yet has deep flavors.

Alternative: Try with white wine instead of red for a summery sweet drink.




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