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October M is for Monster Box

firefighter week from M is for Monster



Fireball Counting- Count out the correct number of balls and place on top of the flame using the Squeezy Tweezers

Put out the Fire- Write the word FIRE on the laminated sheet. Use the spray put to “put out” the fire. (spray water until the marker runs off the paper.

Peacable Kingdom Fire and Station Kit- Put together your own 3D fire truck and station and get ready for hours of fun!

spaghetti week from M is for Monster


Meatball Counting- Recognize the Number on the card and roll out that many “meatballs” using the craft dough

Spaghetti Letters- Use the yarn “noodles” and manipulate into the shapes of the letters.

owl week from M is for Monster


Little Owl’s Night- Read the book by Divya Sirivian

Feather Painting- Use the feathers to paint the paper using the provided paint

Owl Trees- Recognize the numbers on the paper and place that many owls on the tree

bat week from M is for Monster


Bat Finger puppets- Decorate the bat finger puppets using the glitter glue and sponge

5 Little Bats Song- Glue the bats onto the sticks. When dry, sing the song using the bats