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Learning to count is one of the first things our little ones learn to do. Even if it starts as just one, two, three. Then the next counting milestone is all the way to ten. I remember my daughter being so proud when she learned how to count to ten all on her own. We would practice with her verbally, but it was also important to include the visual aspect of counting as well. This helps children to actually count versus just repeating ‘words’ one after another. These ocean crab counting cards are so adorable, I can’t imagine any child not loving counting while using these!

Ocean Crab Counting Cards - FREE PRINTABLE. Excellent activity for helping kids learn counting, number recognition, as well as pattern making.

Counting cards are fantastic because they separate the numbers from each other so that kids can focus on one number at a time. Not to mention the repetition that is done while progressing through the numbers all the way to ten. This is crucial for developing numeral and math skills, not only because these numbers are the base of all math to come. These counting cards also help children develop the skill of recognizing and making patterns.




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