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Who took a vacation to the beach this year? My hand is raised! Next year, my husband wants to do a lake trip. I’m an ocean gal myself so it weighs heavy on my heart that it may two years before this Ohio chic sees the crystal clear water of the gulf of Mexico. Sigh. I’m going to savor every last memory and hold onto it as long as I can. That’s why I waited to do an ocean theme until after our vacation. It’s not over if I don’t make it be, right?

For this activity, you will need cheerios or fruit loops or any circle type sticker. Get out the glue and let the kiddos have some fun!

o is for octopus toddler and preschool activity from - O is for Octopus-Ocean Week Printable

Print your own Octopus here: o is for octopus toddler and preschool activity

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