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Doing fun activities on New Year’s Eve doesn’t have to be tedious chore. Just check out these easy crafts that will keep your tots entertained all night long!

preschool new years eve activities and craftsClockwise from left:

1. Family Time Capsule from Bic Markers. This is so easy and fun! You can use any bucket–oatmeal container, coffee container etc. If it has a design, just cover it with paper and decorate that. Fill it with memories from the previous year…a family photo, seashell from the beach, first pair of big boy underwear–anything goes!

2. 2014 poster from Pint Sized Treasures is super easy idea and it goes over number recognition! I love it!

3. Countdown Bags by the Idea Room. This one takes a little more prep work on your part, but it’s such a great idea, I had to include. Click on the link  to find ideas on what to put in each bag.

4. Paper plate Noise Maker by Our BIg Earth. This will keep them busy for a bit! They will have fun decorating both sides of the plate. Then the older ones can help staple it shut!

5. Noisemakers by Crafts for all Seasons . I love the use of clear cups and colorful beads in this noisemaker. It’s functional and pretty to look at!