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Nature Walk, Nature Week Printables!, M is for Monster!

Nature walks are crazy fun! My kids thoroughly enjoy them. While trying to think of things that would be easy for you all to do on the spur of the moment, I thought there really isn’t anything better than getting the kids outdoors and exploring the world around them. That’s why I had BitsyCreations help create these awesome printable cards.

EXTEND THE LEARNING: Along with the nature walk, you can also talk about the colors they are using to color the cards.

Talk about the letter sounds of each object on the cards and point to the beginning letter on the card.



Print the photo cards out here and go for a walk! Backyard Scavenger Hunt

nature walk printable

nature walk printable



I loved color by numbers as a kid. Loved them! So of course my kids should too, right? Right. Print these out and get to coloring!

Print the TODDLER version here: Nature Color by Number

Print the PRESCHOOL version here: Nature Color by Number


Need even more? Check out these fun activities!

Easy Spring Flowers with Spoons -Make these fun flowers with plastic spoons and pom poms

Natural Paintbrushes- Using twigs, twine or string, and some evergreen leaves, make a natural paintbrush.

Colors of Nature – find different colored objects in nature and find their colors on the color wheel


Don’t have time  to gather and prep activities for your toddler or preschooler but still want to teach them through play? Go purchase a M is for Monster box and have the hard work done for you!