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When I think about Spring, I think about being outside. Watching flowers bloom, seeing butterflies and bees in their natural habitat, and enjoying the sunshine on my face. Since we love Spring so much it is a wonderful idea to inspire sensory play. These are fantastic sensory play ideas inspired by nature & spring!

Nature Inspired Sensory Play Ideas

10 Fun Ideas For Nature-Inspired Sensory Play



Frog Pond Habitat Sensory Bin – Life Over C’s

Ocean Sand Sensory Bin – Things to Share and Remember

Cave Sensory Play – Natural Beach Living

Pond Farm Sensory Play – The Jenny Revolution

DIY Dinosaur Sensory Bin – See Vanassa Craft

Macaroni Sensory Bin – Little Mama Jama

Spring Garden Sensory Play – ABC Creative Learning

Autumn Nature Sensory Jar – Learning and Exploring Through Play

Farm Theme Unit – THe Chaos and the Clutter

Ladybug Life Cycle Sensory Activities – Natural Beach Living


Sprint is here and these sensory play ideas are inspired by Nature and Spring. Sensory play is important for all kids and these ideas are incredibly fun! Whether it’s playing in the mud or playing with frogs and leap pads, kids will enjoy these sensory play ideas inside and outside the house.