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New Year’s Eve resolutions were never my thing. Why say you are going to do something without having the full intentions of actually doing it? Nah. I’m rather not start my year off in a lie.

But Mother’s Day is different. If you make a resolution on MOTHER’S DAY, you are making an oath to all other mother’s out there to better yourself for the sake of your children. Right? Maybe not. But since I am posting this for the world to see, I should probably do my darndest to stick with this resolution.

So here goes: My resolution is to not myself by what society deems appropriate. I mean,  I need to follow my motherly instinct on what I feel is right for my child. Not what society thinks is right for my child. It is so hard not to be influenced by peer pressure and pressure from our loved ones when their advice–most of the time unasked for–starts to chirp in my ear. Even though I don’t heed to their advice always, but even if I know they are wrong and choose to do my own thing, I still here their words echoing in the back of my head.

I’m not sure why it is. Maybe I have a fear of them having the last laugh as my mothering goes awry and them being able to say “I told you so”. Or maybe I’m afraid I will have royally screwed up my child if I do my own thing and it turns out wrong?

But more times than not, I know. And I know that I know. So if it occasionally backfires and the cookie I let them eat right before dinner really DOES ruin their dinner, so what? Does it make me the worst mom in America? I’m going to guess not. And will I learn from that? Probably. Will my mom get to say “I told you so”? Probably on that front too. But it’s OK, because I can start naming the list of things she screwed up on and then remind her how awesome I turned out anyway ;)

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. And to all the other not so perfect mother’s out there.