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It’s the middle of February and I am still working towards my goal of becoming healthier and more organized this year. For me, where the problem likes with meal planning and making healthier choices for not just myself, but for my children as well, is to be able to grab something quickly and eat it. Usually, the quick stuff is not the healthy stuff.

What I plan to do right after I write these post, is to fill out this meal planning chart I made. Most that I found already made, didn’t have spots for snacks or left off breakfasts. But I need that. I want the thinking to already be done for me. Seriously. I don’t want to have to stare at the fridge or in the pantry wondering what to make or what to have. Because usually, I just walk away only to come back later ravenous.

Eating shouldn’t be this hard. Healthy eating shouldn’t be this hard. But for me, it is. And I need to get a grasp on it. I think once I get in the routine, it will become second nature. At least, I’m hoping it does.

Once I fill out this menu, I will shop and prepare whatever I can ahead of time to make the grab and go process easier.

I hope you find this menu as helpful as I do! Happy meal planning!

Weekly Menu Free Printable


PRINT IT HERE: Weekly Menu Free Printable