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Frog weekly preschool

1. Hop on the Lilypad Letters {gross motor, letter recognition} Spread the lilypads on the floor and hop on them. When you land on a lilypad, say what letter is on it.

2. Feed the Frog {number recognition, math skills} Place the eye stickers on the top of the lid with the sprinkle holes. Remove the inner seal. Screw on to the bottle. Open up the flap without holes to make the frogs mouth. Pick a number card and place that many “flies” into the frogs mouth. 

3. Frog Life Cylce {science} Color in the frog life cycle wheel and talk about each stage.

Strawberry Preschool Weekly Theme-

1. The Little Mouse, Red Ripe Strawberry and the Big Hungry Bear {early reading skills} Read the book by Don and Audrey Wood Little Mouse loves strawberries, but so does the bear…How will Little Mouse stop the bear from eating his freshly picked, red, ripe strawberry.

2. S is for Strawberry {letter recognition, fine motor} Use the strawberry stickers and place over the letter S. Then smell your strawberry patch!

3. Strawberry Beach Ball {counting, gross motor} Inflate the beach ball and throw witha partner. Throw it to your partner and count how many times the beach ball has been tossed back and forth until someone drops it. Then start over again!

Bee Preschool Weekly

1. Count the Bees {counting, number recognition} Recognize the numbers on the page and glue that many bees on to the paper.

2. Letter B Playdoh Tracing {letter recognition, fine motor} Roll out the play doh to make it fit on the letter B

3. Bee Hive Game {number recognition} Use the marker and draw stripes on the yellow eggs to resemble bees. Use the paper and write numbers that your child still needs to learn and place them inside the eggs. Place the eggs in the bag (the beehive). Pick out one bee at a time and have your child tell you what number is inside the egg.

Flower Preschool Weekly

1. Popsicle Flowers {number recognition, fine motor} Have your child place each number sticker on one flower. Then glue the flower onto a craft stick. Once dry, have them put the flowers in order from smallest number to largest number.

2. Flower Watercolor Art {art} Using the permanent marker from the bee project, have you or your child draw flowers on the canvas. Then, use the watercolors and color in the flowers.