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M is for Monster March 2015 child subscription box


Dr. Seuss Week

Rainbow Week

Construction Week

Jewel Week

M is for Monster Dr Seuss Week

1. Step This Way {early reading skills} Read the book by Tish Rabe based on the PBS show The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! Step into reading with the Cat in the Hat in this leveled reader all about different kinds of animal feet!

2. Dr. Seuss Counting book {counting, number recognition} Recognize the number on each page and add that many stickers to the pages.

3. 10 Apples Up on Top {number recognition, counting} Draw a face on the head outline. Then place apples on top of the head and have your child count them.

M is for Monster Jewel Week

  1. J is for Jewel {letter recognition, fine motor} Have your child peel the sticker on the back of the jewels and place on the letter J . (Toddlers may need help peeling the stickers.)

2. Count the Jewels {number recognition, fine motor, counting} Recognize the number on the crown and place that many stickers on it.

M is for Monster Rainbow Week

1. Pipe Cleaner Rainbow {fine motor, color recognition} Have your child bend the pipe cleaners and stick into the sides of the foam to form an arch. Try to have them place them in the order of the rainbow. (ROYGBV) talk about the colors. Then, using the glitter glue, have them add cotton balls to the bottom of the arches to make clouds.

2. Color Hunt {color recognition} Put on your “magic” rainbow glasses and go on a color hunt! Once your child finds something with the color needed, have them mark it off on their paper. Preschoolers can write the color word in the box when they find instead of putting a check mark for handwriting practice and color word recognition.

3. Pom Pom Fun {color recognition} Fold the construction papers in half and place against the wall. Place the pom poms on the floor in front of the different color construction paper. Have your child match the color pom pom to the paper and, using the straw, blow it onto the paper. Don’t cheat and use your hands! Only use the straw to move the pom pom!

M is for Monster Construction Week

  1. Movement Cards {gross motor, sight words} Have your child place all the cards in a pile and draw one card at a time. They then need to act out the movement on the card.

2. Truck Counting {number recognition, counting} Have your child recognize the number on the cards and place that many trucks on top of it.

3. Building {fine motor} Use the craft sticks and glue and build a structure! For ideas, visit the blog!