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Being a mom is a tough job! A mom is a teacher, a counselor, a doctor, a cook, a nurse, a house maid, and an undercover police officer. After a long week of policing the house and keeping everything in order, it’s mamas time out! Nothing is better than a cool alcoholic beverage to relieve the stresses of the week. In fact, one daily drink for women has been linked to lower mortality rate, decreased stress, fewer hospitalizations, lower body weight, decreased risk of type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s, stroke, and an increase in heart health.



Mamas Blue Police Lemonade is simple to make, refreshing, and relaxing. Made with Vodka, Mamas Blue Police Lemonade has medicinal uses such as curing a cold, headache, and stress. The 1997 study in the “Journal of Psychopharmacology” determined that Vodka can reduce stress more effectively than any other alcoholic beverage except red wine. In fact, red wine and Vodka are equally effective in reducing stress.



Stress is your bodies way of responding to demands and threats in life. As a mom, we are subjected to stress on a daily basis. Stress on your body for long periods of time can have devastating effects. This includes high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, asthma, arthritis, and many more physical issues. When it comes to stress, it is important to help your body cope with it. However, the key to great body health is all in moderation.

Mamas Blue Police Lemonade


Mamas Blue Police Lemonade






Take a break from policing and stressing with a cool glass of Mamas Blue Police Lemonade. Here’s what you need to make a relaxant from the week:



  • 12 Oz of Beer



  • 12 Oz of Lemonade



  • 12 Oz Blue UV Vodka



  • 1 pouch blue Hawaiian singles



  • Ice



Directions: Mix lemonade mix with water or buy pre-made lemonade. Pour beer, lemonade, Hawaiian pouch, and Vodka into a pitcher and mix. Pour mixture over ice for a cool glass of Mamas Blue Police Lemonade on the Rocks.



Alternate Recipe: To turn your drink into a slushy, pour mixture into a blender with ice and crush, or substitute your lemonade with frozen concentrated lemonade instead of ice.



Don’t let stress get the best of you. Take a mama’s time out with this easy, refreshing Mamas Blue Police Lemonade!



Ashley Winters