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When you’re tiny, everyone’s a friend. But at some point along the way, things get a little more complicated.  Even before kids hit kindergarten, they can be shy with new little faces at first. Making something fun together – even a super simple craft – can be the perfect way for you to break the ice with your kid’s new buddy – and even help you make a new mom friend too!

Crafts invite community – whether you are 4 or 34! Having an activity brings people together, and helps ease the awkwardness of small talk and making friends for the first time. So often we think of crafting with our kids as a solo activity – a way to combat the sniffles or a rainy day – but it’s actually an awesome social opportunity.

Making something with friends allows us as parents to model so many awesome social traits – patience, creativity, encouragement, and problem solving – in community! Kids (and adults!) need the relaxation and creative outlet, and our kids can hear us say, “I love the way you colored that heart!” or “It doesn’t look like that is working; what else can we try?”

And…as parents, we all know how tough it can be to build our own community. In the chaos and flurry of everyday life, we often don’t think of our need to be together with our neighbors and friends to support one another. One of the best ways to foster friendship and community is a standing date – a regularly scheduled time to see one another. What if we built in that time to make a craft together?

A fully stocked craft box is the perfect way to go, since it allows maximum time for hanging out and making – and doesn’t require another trip to the store or time to plan something fun. So – choose a few families that you’d like to get to know better, and ask if they’d like to get together with the kids to make something fun on a regular basis! You’ll soon see the magic, I promise!