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You know, I was sitting here thinking about other ways to tell you about M is for Monster and realized that I have never blogged about the box myself. I’ve sent countless boxes out for other bloggers to review but never did it cross my mind to write on the box itself. So here it is, in my own words, the creator of M is for Monster.

I’m going to walk you through step by step, opening a box that you receive from us. The picture above shows ecstatic little girls holding colorful packages. (Don’t worry, you’re kids will be this excited to learn too, once they start to get Monster boxes.)

Each monthly box will have four colorful bags in it. Each bag represents a different theme. So the green bag could have super heroes, the pink could have flowers etc etc. Each month, the four themes change and usually correlate with the seasons.

In EACH of those four colorful bags, you will have four activities. So each month, you get sixteen (you read that right) learning through play activities AND everything needed to go with each activity.

earth preschool activity

For example, the picture above is of one of our subscribers putting together an activity for Earth Week. The activity was to make an earth globe out of tissue paper. What was included in just that one activity was the foam ball, glue and blue and green tissue paper.

caterpillar preschool activity

This is another activity that was for Caterpillar Week. They recognize the number on the top of the card and finish making the caterpillar body with pom poms. They received four caterpillar cards with different numbers on each and all the pom poms needed.

Garden preschool theme

“That’s great” you’re saying, “but how do I know how to do each activity?”
No worries there! We include a blue card with all the directions to each activity in it. (See it up there in the right hand side of the photo?)

I truly want you, the mom, to be your child’s first teacher and to have fun with them while you’re doing it. It is an amazing experience to not have to stress about getting activities together for your little ones and instead, focus on their facial expressions and excitement as they learn something new. It’s something every parent should get to experience.

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What is M is for Monster? A monthly subscription box with lots of hands on learning activities for kids.

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