Loaded Beef Nachos: A Delicious Family Friendly Recipe

Loaded Beef Nachos Family Friendly Meal

October 03, 2016
There is nothing better than a good nacho recipe. I love that it is so versatile and can be made as fancy or as plain (perfect for the picky eaters) as you want it. It’s also fun to make a taco bar and let the kids assemble their nachos themselves, if you have the extra time to clean it all up. My favorite of all nachos is Loaded Beef Nachos.

Loaded Beef Nachos

Loaded Beef Nachos - A Family Friendly Recipe


1 LB Ground Beef, Cooked & Drained 1 Can of Red Beans, Drained ½ tsp of Cumin 1 tsp of Oregano 2 tsp of Sofrito (optional) ¾ tsp of Garlic powder ½ tsp of Chili Powder 1 tsp of Salt 2oz Monterrey Jack Cheese, Shredded 2oz Sharp Cheddar Cheese, Shredded Large Bag Of Tortilla Chips

Loaded Beef Nachos Topping Ideas: 

Avocado Lettuce Tomato Cilantro Black Olives Sour Cream Salsa

Cooking Directions:

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. 2. In a large pan, add cooked ground beef, spices, sofrito, beans and onions. Mix and heat over low for 2-3 more minutes. 3. To make nachos, place a layer of tortilla chips on the bottom of an oven safe large platter or plate, add meat mixture, layer with cheese and continue process one more time. Place tray in oven for three minutes or until cheese melts. 4. Remove from heat, let cool a few minutes and add desired toppings. ((Note: Sofrito can be found at most major supermarkets in the international frozen section.))   Don’t those sound just so yummy? I could probably eat at least one plate of them every day. Do you have a favorite nacho recipe? Comment below, we’d love to hear!      

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