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Sensory bins are an amazing way to hold your toddler or preschoolers interest. The activities that you can come up with are endless. A beach theme with sand, flower pots and dirt for spring and gingerbread for the holidays. I have been adding more than just textures and smells to my bins lately though and that’s a little bit of a learning aspect.

In the Letter Search Sensory Bin that I created, I added letters of the alphabet and cards for them to match them up with. This is a super simple bin but it kept my littles busy for awhile! You can create this fun and educational sensory bin at home for your kiddos too. Be sure to take photos and tag us to be featured on instagram @misformonster


Shredded Paper

Plastic Bin

Tweezers ( I love these big tweezers for little hands)

Foam Letters (these are what I used BUT bath foam letters work too and are even easier for the littlest hands to grab. You can get those here: Bath Foam Letters)

Letter Card Printables: Letter Cards for Sensory Bin


Place the shredded paper in the bin and toss it to loosen the paper up. Add in the letters and toss some more. (Sounds like we’re making a salad, doesn’t it?)

Print off the letter cards and place beside the bin. Number card are included as well as some sight word cards for the older ones if you’d like to work on those.

Using the tweezers, have your child find a letter in the bin, call it out and say the sound it makes then place on the number card.